Do you own and operate your equipment?  Are you looking for an established carrier to lease on with?  Are you in search of a company that has firsthand experience in what you do for a living?  We are always in search of professional Independent Contractors that take pride in the job they do.  Here at Modular, we strive for excellence in the industry and want you to be recognized for the job you perform.  You will receive 75% of the load revenue if you own your own tractor and trailer.  Don’t have a trailer? You can use one of ours and you will receive 65% of the load revenue.  Fuel surcharges are paid at 100% to the Independent Contractor.  We travel the 48 states and Canada with the majority of business invested in high value machinery shipments.  Please feel free to contact Rick or Steve for additional information.

Rick Fisk

(616) 241-2060  ext 527


Steve Marshall

(616) 241-2060 ext 547



We not only offer an excellent benefit package for you and your family… We make you a part of “our family.” Our goal is to build strong, lasting relationships with our drivers by employing an open door policy and listening to drivers concerns.


Throughout the year we hold fun family centered events.
*Truck Rodeo
*Company Picnic
*Golf Outing 
*Driver Appreciation Cook-Outs 
*Access to the company cabin in Baldwin, MI


Modular’s 2-Week Training Program

Here at Modular, we pride ourselves on our training. The training program is a three-step process.

1st Step

We are in the classroom completing employment paperwork and having group discussion s on pertinent information to perform your job to the best of your ability. This includes proper load securement and Federal regulations.

2nd Step

The next step is a practical hands-on securement class. You put everything you learned in the classroom setting and apply it to mock-up cargo. We have the ability to simulate coils (standard and narrow), skidded coils, steel sheets, and mixed loads. We are making more mock-ups all of the time to simulate our cargo and train our drivers in real world applications.

3rd Step

The final step would be going out with a trainer to finalize the training process. This helps refine the paperwork side and give you some actual cargo hands-on.

Our training program has reduced our in-training turnover by over 10%. We attribute this to a greater understanding of the material and a better relationship between office personnel and the driver.

Equipment & Technology

Modular Transportation is continually updating our equipment with the best safety technology available.

Collision Mitigation Systems

Adaptive Cruise Control

Lane Departure Warning Systems

Automatic Traction Control

Electronic Stability Systems

Implementing Automated Transmissions